10 Terrible Cat Jokes That May Make You Cringe


Cats live in their own world and they have bigger motives than their hoomans can even imagine. Even while focusing on achieving their goals, cats manage to bring a smile on everyone’s face. So what is your favorite kind of cat. Here are some terrible cat jokes that are cringe worthy, but they will make you laugh nonetheless.


When even your cat starts feeling that you are totally useless, you need to get up and move.


Cats don’t trust your driving skills. So when they agree to go out with you, their entire focus will be on the road.


When your cat gets to know that you have one more cat, he will definitely feel betrayed. “You shouldn’t have done this to me!”


When you finally manage to do that headstand and even your cat can’t believe that you are capable of this.


“You are giving me money to get out of your bed. This won’t work. I am not going anywhere.”

Are you confused that how do cats manage to do all this? Are they capable of understanding everything that we do? But how is it even possible? Cats are smart animals, but since when did they start reacting this way. Just look at the expressions of these cats and you will be totally surprised. Cats need to speak up and explain everything. It is high time now!


When cats get catnip and land up at the wrong place. “Where are you hooman? Please take me home.”


Not everyone can deal with black cats. You need special talent for that.


The cat was really bored and wanted to do something different.


It’s time to enjoy the sun now. I have been reading too much lately.


“Every time I give my cat a bath, he gives me this terrible look. Maybe he is planning to kill me.”

Even though cats do all the crazy things and act weird, we love them the most. Share your crazy cat story in the comments!

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